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Download free music, without using P2P or torrents

music2pc is a very simple program that allows you to download music without using P2P or torrent apps.

Some people will like the thought of downloading music this way, because as well as hiding possible dangers, P2P downloads are often illegal. The music2pc app is very easy to use, and won't cause you any problems at all. Type the music you want into the search box, choose from one or the other search provider and wait for the available downloads to appear.

Depending on the type of music you are looking for, music2pc can take a few minutes to return results. Once they display, you'll see the artist name, title, duration and bitrate of the song. There'll also be an option to download the song in MP3 format to whatever folder you choose. music2pc's configuration settings are very limited, and just allow you to use a proxy for finding music.

There are two problems with music2pc. Firstly, it's a very limited app. It just allows you to search and download, and there are no nice extras that will make the experience any smoother. Secondly, music2pc doesn't tell you exactly where the music is coming from, making it no safer than other ways of downloading music. On the upside, it's free, and the developer assures that music2pc is also legal.

It's not clear where music2pc's download's come from, but as an alternative source for free music, it's an interesting tool.

music2pc supports the following formats



  • Simple download process
  • Wide variety of free music


  • Limited settings
  • Not clear where music is sourced from


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music2pc 2.21 for PC


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    Fast and easy to use! direct download to my folder. Awesome!!

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